Eat and drink in Lapland

Eat and drink in Lapland

Traditional Lappish food tastes delicious both in fine dining restaurants and by a campfire out in the wilderness. Rovaniemi has great options for local culinary excursions – please have a look at the list below.

Be it a quick lunchtime snack, a tasty evening out or a refreshing drink you’re after, we’ve got a great selection for you.

The main and typical ingredients of Lapland are reindeer, fish, game, tubers, spices and berries. The traditional Lapona food has a spectacular flavor both in the fine dining restaurants and in a bonfire in the middle of nowhere.

Restoration and hotels

At the top of Ounasvaara, five minutes from Rovaniemi city center, the Lapland Hotel Sky Ounasvaara restaurant represents the upper end of Rovaniemi cuisine, with traditional local ingredients transformed into exquisite dishes. The views from the restaurant are unbeatable.

In the center of Rovaniemi, the restaurant Nili offers a true tasting of the flavors of Lapland with quality guarantee. Its menu has been feeding well and making both travelers and locals happy, and the atmosphere of this cozy restaurant is always excellent, with a decoration designed and made by local artisans.

The legendary Pohjanhovi's restaurant serves a variety of traditional Lapland dishes, including reindeer and salmon, as well as the Gaissa restaurant at Hotel Santa Claus. City Rosa's Monte Rosa restaurant serves local dishes prepared with an international touch.

There are also several a la carte restaurants in Rovaniemi, including the Royal Reindeer music restaurant, Snowland ice restaurants, Snowman World and Arctic SnowHotel, as well as restaurants in the Santa Claus cabin SantaPark and the secret command center of Santa Claus Joulukka.

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