Summer ends with an explosion of colour in the forests. This is the season known as ‘ruska’, when the autumnal reds, browns and yellows are especially beautiful on the fells of Lapland.

September is also a popular time for trekking in northern Finland.


+5°C – +15°C

140 – 175 days

Top 5 Autumn Experiences:

  1. Hiking
  2. Cycling
  3. Mushroom picking
  4. Blueberry picking
  5. Lingonberry picking

We recommend:
All kinds of picking

While Finns are going back to work, recalling the summer and planning for the next one, others are still finding their way here. The ground is covered in fallen leaves and the smell of wood smoke fills the air. The woods are dotted with wild edible mushrooms, such as yellow chanterelles and brown porcini.

Finns are taking their boats out of the water, putting their bicycles in the garage, and preparing to get out their skates and skis.