Summer is short in Finland and spring is even shorter. In southern Finland there is often snow on the ground at the beginning of April, with a few crocuses poking their heads through the bare patches.

In May everything is growing so fast that you can almost see the grass growing and the leaves bursting forth. The Finns’ festival of spring is May 1, or Vappu, a time of frenzied celebrations across the country. Be forewarned: This is not a day when Finns are their usual sober and hardworking selves.



45-60 days

Top 5 Spring Experiences:

  1. Strolling around in the sunshine
  2. Bird watching
  3. Spring shopping
  4. Skiing (in Lapland)
  5. Wildlife park visits

We recommend:
Dress warm enough; it’s not quite summer yet!

If you prefer peace and quiet, this is a good time to rent a cottage. The forests are carpeted with anemones and other wildflowers. Spring rain and sunshine pass quickly over the lakes. The water is still cold, but if you are brave, hot and steaming from the sauna, then you might fancy taking a quick dip.