Located on the south coast of Finland

Espoo is a city located on the southern coast of Finland. It is part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area along with Helsinki, Vantaa and Kauniainen. Espoo is located west of Helsinki and Vantaa, while it encloses Kauniainen. Other nearby municipalities are Nurmijärvi and Vihti in the north, and Kirkkonummi in the west. Currently known as the headquarters of the telecommunications company Nokia.

The total area of Espoo is 528 km² and its population is currently composed of 270,416 people (according to the census data of March 31, 2016). The city is officially bilingual. Most of the population speaks Finnish as their mother tongue (83.6%), but there is a minority who speaks Swedish as their mother tongue (8.3%). The remaining 8.1% of the population has a native language other than Finnish or Swedish.