Familiarise yourself with Lapland's nature.

Lapland is renowned as being the land of fells and northern lights, a place with winters where there’s always snow and harsh temperatures. This is true, but Lapland’s nature has plenty more to offer. Lapland has eight very distinctly different seasons, a limited but diverse flora and fauna, and expansive river waterways. Lapland’s nature has species typical for such climates, species that are well acclimatized to the changing conditions of the region.

What images do you see when you think about Lapland's nature? Do you see snowy fells? Or perhaps reindeers or marshes blooming with cloudberries? The possibilities are many, as in the real world when you take a trip into Lappish nature. These pages showcase the diversity of Lapland's nature.

In Lapland, the eight seasons of the year differ greatly from each other. There are various factors affecting the climate, and it is thanks to them that we can enjoy warm and sunny summer days, frosty and beautiful winter days, as well as the uniqueness of the Polar Night and Polar Day, the long periods of continuous night and day.

The astonishing fells and fast-flowing rivers are perhaps the most well-known offerings of Lapland's nature. This is no surprise, since the fells have been here for tens of millions of years just where they are today. What kind of stories could they tell us? That is something we will probably never know., however, provides you with all the essential information that you need to know about our nature. You will learn about our fells, rivers, and lakes. We will also tell you about the plants and animals that are typical for Lapland.

Our soil is enriched with gold. There is something extremely fascinating and mystical about gold - it has, after all, been an object of passion for men for millennia. offers you a story of the history and presence of gold.