Levi’s enchanting fell landscapes encourage people to enjoy nature...

Airport proximity, a compact village centre with all the necessary services, numerous year-round activities, Lappish nature and exoticism have made Levi tourism into an international success story.

In addition to activities on skis, a winter holiday in Levi includes experiences arranged by the local activity programme companies, a wide range of culinary delights from quick snacks to themed dinners, laidback recreation, self pampering, and the high standard choice of entertainment. In the summertime, however, Levi’s enchanting fell landscapes encourage people to enjoy nature, small adventures and a variety of events, playing golf on the magnificent fell golf course, and above all some good relaxation.

Centre for meaningful experiences – open all year round

Levi has become a true year-round holiday resort, as huge effort has been invested in creating exciting new summertime activities. In place of the usual four seasons, Levi has seven very different seasons to offer with new and unique experiences on offer.

Sights and places to visit

Levi Parks

The heart of Levi has a number of excellent spots for lovers of the outdoors. The Nordic walking routes are suitably located in the Nordic Fitness Sports Park, and while walking the Nordic way you can even visit the Reindeer Park. The Adventure Park challenges people of all ages to put themselves to the test, and the Bike Park provides thrills for cycling enthusiasts.

The gondola area has fun things to do for families. Summer at Zero Point means the incredibly fun summer toboggan run is open! Levi Parks

Animal lovers can enjoy a visit to the Levi Husky Park and the Lapinkylä Reindeer and Domestic Animal Park.

Golf in spectacular fell landscapes

Levi’s 18-hole golf course is located in magnificent naturally formed fell landscapes, set on the shores of sparkling water lakes. The nightless night of Lapland means sunset does not end the game – you can play golf a lot longer!

The design of the golf course was initiated on the basis of the needs and wishes of regular golf club players. The changing and expansive course provides extra challenges and splendour with the Taalojärvi Lake.

Levi Summit - Congress and exhibition centre in Koutalaki

Spectacular landscapes and natural vitality have always inspired people. The theme for the exhibitions of Levi Summit is related to Lapland and its elements that have enabled success in a barren, yet experience-rich and giving environment.

Levi Reindeer Park

At Levi, you can get to know Lapland’s renowned antlered heads also during the summer.  Come and get to know the life of reindeer at the top of Levi fell. The reindeer are wandering at the 170ha big park free. At the park you can do trekking, Nordic walking and get familiar to these good-natured animals. During the summer you can participate to the guided excursions every Wednesday and other days on request.

The reindeer owners that guide you are eager to tell about the lives of the reindeer and their own lives with the animals, and how their lives have developed a certain rhythm in synchronisation time with those of the reindeer. You will also be able to feet the reindeer and make some photos with your favourite one! During the visit, you can practise being a reindeer herder and try the art of lassoing. It really isn't as easy at it might look!

Adventure Park

Levi Adventure Park is located in the Gondola area, in the forest next to the Levi Black piste.  Here you can experience a genuine mountain adventure that's completely safe.
The fell adventure is a guaranteed experience in safe and secure conditions with six tracks, colour-coded and with different degrees of difficulty. The adventure-lover has an ample selection at hand and can choose the suitable track according to competence.

For the most part the adventure takes place in the air, several meters above the ground. Such constructions as wire ropes and cables - anchored to the ground - and wooden, roped air bridges and landings are utilized for the adventurer safely to travel the selected route step by step. There are also minigolf, children´s traffic park and Levi Skate Park at the Gondola area.

 Levi Bike Park

In addition to extensive road and mountain bike routes, Levi has the world’s northernmost Kona Bike Park. The Levi Bike Park has been set up at the Gondola lift, on the western side of fell Levitunturi. Bike Park trails have a maximum vertical drop of 310 meters. It has 3 gravity trails, all Gondola lift serviced descending trails for every level of rider, 2 freeride trails wide banked trails to tight and twisty singletrack. DH trail for experts.

  • Junior trail - fun trail for beginners and kids. Loop trail where riders can practise their skills.
  • Blue Groove – gravity trail for all ability levels.
  • Santa´s Cabin – gravity trail for intermediate level riders.
  • DH – experts only!
  • Skill Bill – slopestyle area

Levi Bike Park is the most northern Groove Approved Bike Park of Kona.

Levi Husky Park:

In Levi Huskypark you can see movie wolves, reindeers and little dogs.

Come and experience the age-old way of life of the Arctic folk, and learn about the life of Arctic sled dogs. Visit the Husky Park at the village of Köngäs, where a couple of hundred cute dogs will happily greet you. Friendly Siberian huskies and playful light-coloured Japanese spitzes greet all visitors with wagging tails, and, if you are lucky, you'll get a wet lick on the face, a canine kiss. At first glance, the majestic-looking wolf hybrids that have starred in films can seem a little frightening, but closer inspection reveals that they are just as good-natured and curious as all the other residents of the dog park. Under the guidance of their handlers, these playful dogs will demonstrate some wonderful tricks that they have learned. And let's not forget the cute husky puppies, several litters of which are born every year, so that canines of all ages can almost always be seen at the park. The handlers are also very eager to tell unforgettable tales about the lives of the dogs and what they do with them.
As well as dogs, you will also meet reindeer, who can give you a real reindeer kiss. How this happens, we will not reveal. You must come and experience it for yourself!

Levi Lapp Village and Domestic Animal Park:

Come and experience the old way of life at the Levi Lapp Village and get acquainted with our reindeer park. Visit the authentic Lapp Village from the 1800’s. The property has been in one family for five generations and it has been a tourist attraction since 1996. Learn all about reindeer and the family history which can be traced back to the 1600’s.  In Levi Domestic Animal Park of Levi Lapp Village you can get acquainted with alpacas, playful goats and to other animals.